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Where to use 10 minutes/temporary emails?

If you don't know what are temporary emails, read this post first.

10 Minute Temp Mail provides Temporary, Anonymous, Free, Secure, and Disposable Email Addresses.

There are many cases when it is wise to use self-destructing emails; You can use temp emails for Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram to anonymously sign up, but tons of free services are available only after registration, risking your privacy or filling up your real email box with spam.

Ideas to use 10-minute emails for

  • Public WiFi registrations (traveling, hotels, restaurants, cafes, HotSpots, gyms, etc.).
  • Commenting at different blogs or forums.
  • Accessing web articles is available only after registration.
  • Online gaming - Become a who was that?!
  • Free Ebook downloads when you need to present your email address.
  • Secure Password Generation - You don't need to uncover your real email ID and password combination.
  • Anonymous File Sharing (Mediafire, FileShare, Mega, Zippyshare, DropSend, 4Shared, etc.)
  • Get all those FREE TRIALS (Softwares, Spotify, HBO, Netflix, etc.)
  • Dating sites with anonymity (DateYou, Flirt, FindeDates, LoversLab, Tinder, IAmNaughty, etc.)
  • One-time, anonymous online shopping (adult toys, etc.)
  • Antispied Social Accounts (Facebook, TikTok, Twitter, etc.)
  • Privacy Protection - Avoid hackers getting your personal email ID to hack your bank account, Facebook/Instagram account, work email, etc.

There are countless situations in your life when 10-minute Temporary Email IDs are handy to support your security and comfort online.

And the best part with a 10-minute email?

It's always free, anonym, and get a disposable email ID is as easy as one click of your mouse.

Are you excited? Get your TEMP EMAIL for free now!

Our posts about the usage ideas of temporary emails:

Where NOT to use Temporary Emails?

It's not advisable to use self-destructing email IDs for official use like your banks, service providers (phone, electricity, alarm, insurance...), real Facebook/Instagram account, etc. They are periodically sending important emails that are a must to get.

Remember: Do not use 10-minute emails for registration forms where you expect important emails from! 10-minute emails will self-destruct after a time so that you will miss your emails sent into these IDs.

Special attention with 10-minute emails

It is not wise, so do not use the 10-minute email service for websites you usually use, such as banks, schools, online merchants, or legitimate businesses that don’t spam people (Amazon, Microsoft, Apple, etc.). Only use this temporary email service when you don’t want the website to ever contact you, except for getting you once to validate your email. If you want to reset your password at a site, this email account won’t be a good idea since it will already be destroyed when you need it.

Don’t be stupid, do not use this 10-minute email for any illegal service. Just because the account is disposable/temporary doesn’t mean that your email and your IP, location, etc., can’t be traced. Suppose you send someone an inappropriate message using this service, and they report to the law enforcement authorities. In that case, an Ethical Hacker or a Digital Forensic Investigator working with law enforcement can potentially find out from which computer the message originated. At the same time, they will find out where that computer is located (country, city, street, building), who used the computer when the email was sent, and much more.

Never use a disposable email for a government, military, law enforcement, or financial institute website. These are not places where you should be hiding your identity, and you may get into legal trouble if you do so.

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