What is a 10-minute or temporary email?

10 Minute Email is a disposable email service with no fee. With one click, you can generate a temporary email address that will self-destruct after a specific time. Also known as disposable mail, temp mail, temporary email, anonymous email, fake email, one-time email, ten minutes mail, temporal email, 24 hours email, self-destructing email, etc.

What is a 10-minute email for?

This email service - known by many different names - provides a simple, safe, and quick solution for registrations when you have to prove your identity with your email address even though you don't want to.

There are several reasons for this: using public WiFi, registering for forum posts, or simply accessing websites that require you to provide an email address to download their content. In many cases, it is not advisable to give your actual email address. Having your official/work email ID will make it easier for hackers to access your various profiles and quickly clutter your inbox with unwanted spam.

Protect your privacy by using a free, self-destructing temp email

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