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[html]<h1>What is a temporary email address?</h1>

<p>A temporary email address is one that you can use for a certain time. The duration varies depending on what you're planning to use the address for. A temporary email address is often used when someone doesn't want his actual email ID to be seen or needs an extra email for a short time. That means you can rely on such email Ids only for minutes or several hours, but not for years.</p>

<h3>What are temporary email addresses used often for?</h3>

<p>Today, there are many reasons people might want to choose a temporary email address instead of their primary email. The main reason usually is to set up an account without revealing your actual email address. Many people who sign up for contests or online shopping sites often use them to do things like avoid spam and the tons of unsocialized emails sent to their private inbox.</p>

<h3>Why would someone use a temporary email account?</h3>

<p>There are many reasons why temporary email addresses are used. One reason is to test the response of marketing campaigns without spamming your friends and family. Another reason to use a temporary email address is that it doesn't give away personal information to companies that spam you with offers.</p>


<p>A temporary email account would be necessary when registering for a service that requires you to verify your account by supplying an email address. For example, you might have to use one to create a new social media profile or confirm a new account when <span style="text-decoration: underline;"><a title="Large file transfer" href="" target="_blank">transferring large files anonymously</a></span>.</p>

<h3>How to create a temporary email account?</h3>

<p>The process is more straightforward than you would think. You can create a temporary email account using your favorite web browser. You will need to complete the two-step process in full before using your self-destructing email ID. It does not take more than 10 seconds, and you don't even have to register for your free temporary email id.</p>

<h3>How to get your disposable email</h3>

<p>"Disposable email addresses" is the term for temporary email addresses that can be used once (or several, but a short period) and then deleted.</p>

<p>As you can imagine, it's easy to get one of these accounts; There are two main options.</p>


<li>You can generate a disposable email ID on the fly by visiting the mailbox page at <a title="Temporary emails" href=""><span style="text-decoration: underline;"></span></a>.</li>

<li>You may choose your favorite email ID and the ending domain for this and click the generate button.</li>


<p>Voila! Your temporary or disposable email address is already for your service &ndash; you just need to copy and paste it using the copy button provided next to the generated email address.</p>

<p>It is that easy to get a disposable email, and you are right; there is no registration or entered personal information needed.</p>

<p>Get your free and <a href=""><span style="text-decoration: underline;">temporary email ID</span></a> now!</p>


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